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Vortex Research

The Vortex Research facility is based at Croydon, Victoria, Australia. Situated on 360m2, fully equipped with a modern Electronics Laboratory, DynoJet 250 Eddie Current Brake Dyno with Load Cell, also including a fully equipped motorcycle workshop facilities. The addition of a full size test track enables our staff to fully test and evaluate our products before secondary testing with the Race Teams & Pro Riders.

All products are tested in the toughest off road competitions in the world such as Moto-X , Super-X, Enduro, Dirt Track, Desert and Super Motard racing. The Eddie Current Brake and Load Cell combination on our Dyno allows us to not only measure power output but also maximum torque while stepping through each engine RPM and throttle positions.

This allows us to map out ignition timing maps for the best power delivery combination in all throttle openings not just full throttle. Partial throttle from 20-80% where the bike is being used most of time in real world race conditions is where the majority of our gains are achieved. At Vortex we believe that our dyno is a useful tool and good starting point for our developments.

However to complete testing we must evaluate the product either on our test track or a race environment. In conjunction with spend many hours track testing with Pro Riders until we come up with the best variety of settings for a multiple of Race Conditions and Rider Styles.