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Options Port Cables - Adapter Cable (SXF23 Map Switch)





This cable plugs into the KTM Diagnostic Port and allows the use of the KTM SXF 23 Model Handlebar Switch to be used on other KTM Models that do not have this as standard. When this Adapter harness and the KTMSXF23 handlebar switch are plugged into the bikes Diagnostic port (6 way connector under the seat) the user will have access to map selection, launch control, Traction Control and Quick Shifter functions when using a VORTEX ECU-8H2 and current firmware and mapping configuration.

Works with all ECU-8H2 KTM, HUSKY and GAS GAS models only. See website for ECU-8H2 models).

NOTE: KTMSXF23 Handlebar Map Switch is not included.